Travelling One thing you'll do a lot of in Perpetuum is travelling. Fortunately, there are a myriad of methods to speed things up:

  • Lightweight frames ensures the weight of your robot goes down, providing a significant speed increase. This will also increase your susceptibility to demobilization, so be careful and keep your distance to powerful foes.
  • Unfitting modules further increases your mobility, as each fitted modules adds weight and wears down your robot. Your cargo somewhat resembles a TARDIS, so loading it up won't affect your speed.
  • Planning routes helps optimizing your travel times. The terrain plays a major role in Perpetuum, this goes for travelling as well. Highways and in-land teleports usually help speed things up.
  • Autopilot attempts to move your robot through passable terrain. This works by shift-clicking the radar. Known as 'zombie pilot', this isn't exactly perfect, but it might work for you.
  • Mobile teleports can be deployed on the terrain at will, connecting to any static teleport on your current island for a short duration. They have to be bought for 50,000 NIC off the market, and do take some time to warm up, so you're probably best off using them for longer distances (unless you really hate walking).
  • Velocity NEXUS modules provide advantages to your squad, but this obviously includes you. However, NEXUS modules take up a head slot, drain your accumulator, and require additional extensions. Efficient (higher tier) NEXUS modules are also fairly expensive.