Raw materials
Thelodica islands Nuimqol islands Pelistal islands Base yield**
Titan x x x 1000
HDT x x x 1000
Liquizit x x x 300
Stermonit x x 650
Silgium x x 650
Imentium x x 650
Prismocitae x x 200
Triandlus x x 200
Helioptris x x 200
Epriton (beta, gamma) x x x 300
Colixum (gamma) x x x 100
Noralgis* x x x 150

* Noralgis has to be planted using incubators, which can be found on the market. Occasionally, they can also be found in artifacts.
** Base yield determines the quantity of raw materials you'll get in a single cycle without bonuses. Thanks to Celebro.