Artifact hunting

Artifact hunting, or artifacting, is an exploration activity, allowing you to find unique items and resources.

Required supplies

  • Geoscanner
  • Artifact scan charges
  • Any robot, although robots with geoscanner bonuses (such as the Argano) perform better

Required skills

  • Artifact scanning (1)
  • Data processing (2)
  • Basic geochemistry (4)

It's recommended to start off with Basic geochemistry (5), to further improve on your geoscanner's accuracy.

The basics

Start with loading your geoscanner with artfact scan charges. They come in three varieties: R-10, R-30 and R-50. They offer respectively 1000 meters, 3000 meters and 5000 meters scanning range. Start with the R-50 and hit the geoscanner. In your scanner window, artifacts in range will now show up (if not, move about 1000 meters in any direction and try again). Each artifact will be shown with a distance from your current location.

Pick an artifact closest to your position and proceed to move around in straight lines and determine how the distance from your previous scans changed; e.g. if the number goes down with the distance you travel, you're going straight towards it. If the number goes down, but not as fast as you're moving, try changing direction to see if that helps. If the number goes up, you're moving away from the artifact and need to turn around. You can switch to lower range scan charges once you're getting close.

Dangerous artifacts

While most artifacts are just containers (once you've discovered them), there's two types you'll have to careful with: infestation and observer stash artifacts. With a fast bot, you can trigger infestation artifacts, quickly open the container (select it and press 'V'), grab the items inside (press 'G') and run away. Observer stash artifacts are a lot harder, so try to avoid them at first.

Other agent's artifacts

On a single island, you can find 10 artifacts at any time (once you've found one, another one will show up somewhere). These artifacts are unique to your agent; only you can find them.

What can be picked up from artifacts?

Unique to artifacting:
  • Mk2 CT's (allowing you to build Mk2 robots)
  • Modules: T0 (flawed, with great recycling value) and T3- (Niani, equal to T3 but heavier on CPU/reactor).
Other finds include:
  • Beacons
  • Kernels
  • Cortexes
  • Noralgis incubators
  • Fragments
  • Modules (T1)
  • Raw materials
  • Ammo


  • Partially adapted from Shrek's guide here.