About the tools

Here you can find:

  • Intrusion event viewer - shows previous intrusion events and a schematic prediction of future SAP opening times. This data is manually updated, so it might not be fully up-to-date. You can also find this information in your client under News > Intrusion events.

  • Artifact hunter - you can use this tool to enter your artifact scanning results and help you find (or rather, trilaterate) exact position of artifacts. This works best if your geoscanner accuracy is 100%, but it'll always show the approximate position visually. This tool was designed to track several artifacts at once.
    Tip: if you need the exact coordinates (because the artifact is on a ridge, for example) reduce your scan results to the 3 best results (preferably from 3 different directions) and ever so slightly increase their range (with 10 meter steps).

  • Agents - helps to track your agents and their current extension levels. This can be used in conjunction with the fitting and industry tool, where your agent's extensions are weighed in the calculations these tools make. You can also verify your agent using Perpetuum, so you can transfer your NIC to this site. This can be used to comment on any fight on the killboard and participate in rafffles.

  • Fittings and Industry - these tools are in an early developmental stage and highly experimental. The fitting tool performs well for certain basic tasks, such as CPU usage, reactor usage and accumulator consumption. The industry tool will calculate total manufacturing costs and exact (raw) mineral requirements, and do a better job than the in-game overview (which does not weigh in CT degredation). Set prices for the industry tool with the Prices tool.

You need to register an account on the site to be able to use the agent, fitting and industry tools.